September 11, 2005

This weekend turned into a quite a baby related one. We went to pick up her dresser yesterday, but it didn’t fit in the car. We were disappointed, because that is part of the reason we bought the new car. We thought about renting a truck or something. Zak even had the idea to test drive a truck, pick up the dresser, and drive it the 45 minutes to our house. I vetoed that. We finally decided that it would work out best if Zak borrows a van from RBHS one day this week. That seems like the best solution!

Last night I had to start fasting for my gestational diabeties test this morning. I was not allowed to eat anything after 8:00, but could have water until midnight. Now, I usually don’t eat after 8:00 as it is, but this is something about the fact that I wasn’t allowed to eat that I was so hungry all night. I rarely eat dessert, but made sure to squeeze in a cookie, scoop of ice cream, and sprinkles at 7:54. When I wake up in the middle of the night, I always have some water (maybe if I didn’t I wouldn’t get up so much!) Anyway, I had to spit all the water out.

Well, this morning we hungerly (Zak was a sweetheart and didn’t eat breakfast either) drove to the hospital. They drew some blood then made me drink an orange drink. It was kind of like Crush only with less carbonation. We waited an hour and then they drew more blood. The results will be in on Tuesday. I hope I pass. If I don’t I have to take a 3 hour test. After the test, we went to Panera for a bagel and cream cheese (I think Zak knew there would be a payoff if he didn’t eat!)

Now we’re watching football. I have a bowl of pretzels with mustard on one side of me and a bowl of green olives on the other. Pregnancy heaven! Now if only I could get out of work tomorrow……

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