September 9, 2005

Whoa! We just had a big scare. I was checking out one of my favorite baby websites,, and I read that the spindle crib from Pottery Barn Kids had been recalled. That is the crib we bought a couple of months ago! We immediately called the 800 number and were swiftly connected to a customer service representative. After making sure we had actually bought the crib she told us the replacement part was in the mail and so was a $25 gift card for our troubles! So thankfully everything will be ok. I’m just glad that the baby’s not here yet so we don’t have to worry about her safety right now!

Also, the baby’s dresser is in and we are going to pick it up tomorrow.

I finished up my second week of school and it is HOT in my classroom. All week it has been over 95 degrees in the classroom. With 29 kids and 2 fans, I wasn’t exactly keeping cool. However, after some typical school politics and controversary I did receive an industrial sized fan for the room. This thing has the power to blow a few of the kids out the window. It didn’t cool things down to much, but did do a great job at moving the hot air around.

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