September 8, 2005

Shrimp did her first kick count today. The idea was that Molly was supposed to lay on her left side from 7:30 for up to two hours until Shrimp had kicked 10 times. Shrimp was so excited about the whole thing that she had finished her 10 kicks by 7:32. So I guess that means she’s a good kicker, and healthy.

She’s also been busy studying for her APGAR test. At 1 and 5 minutes after she’s born she’s supposed to kick and yell and have a good heartbeat, and not be blue. I’ve been helping her study for it by yelling things like “Don’t forget to kick and scream when you come out” at her. I’m sure she’ll do great.

Molly and I watched disk two of “pregnancy for dummies” tonight, it was pretty good. It made me sad when they put antibiotics in the baby’s eyes though. If I was Shrimp I would pee on them when they tried to do that to me. I’ll yell that to her so she can save it up just for them.

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