August 9, 2005

Molly writes:

Good evening! All is well with us, well, almost well. Zak has the worst headcold. Ever. Either that, or he is exaggerating a bit. Either way, he is a little bit on the needy side and is making me question whether I will be able to deal with Zak and the baby.

In spite of the cold from hell, we spent the day in Chicago. We had a delightful picnic lunch in Millennium Park and spent the whole afternoon at the Art Institute. Neither Zak nor I had been there in a couple of years and we really had a great time! After a couple of hours of art viewing, I was getting pretty exhausted, so we stopped for a cold drink and to relax. I had ice tea. Real ice tea, not decaf. That was only the second time the whole pregnancy that I’ve had caffine, and the baby loves it! She just turned in an Olympic kicker! I think I’ll try to stay away from caffine for a while, I don’t want to wear her out! (The doctor did say that the caffine in 2 cups of coffee a day is ok, so I didn’t break any rules!)

Zak adds:

Tonight I found the most hilarious website ever. You need to go look for yourself: I also had a really fun day, but don’t really have anything to add.

Molly adds:

Regarding the above website, I’m pretty sure that Zak has never laughed so hard in his life. He was crying. He had to view it in different sessions, because he couldn’t handle the hilarity!

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