August 6, 2005

The whole trip was pretty fun. I also liked Atlanta better than Savannah. We did lots of fun stuff there. The Civil War museum and battlefield Molly mentioned was Kessesaw Mountain; which I thought was pretty cool. There was all kinds of stuff there about how the Union army came down to attack Atlanta. I liked seeing the town too, it was a nice place overall. We got to see the Olympic stadium, park, and torch.

One of the other highlights of Atlanta for me was filling in for one of the CNN anchors. Apparently there was some sort of crisis so they pulled me out of the tour group to fill in until the anchor could return. Fortunately for me the story I reported was about the discovery of a tenth planet so I was a bit familiar with the subject matter.

Between the two stops of our trip we took mostly back roads and saw some of the little towns in central Georgia. The highlights were the home of B’rer Bear and B’rer Rabbit; I’m going to make Molly watch Song of The South now. I’d agree with Mol about her Savannah recommendation. If you go stay in Hilton Head, although there was some cute stuff in Savannah it can be done in a day. We had some great dinners there. The best was jazz’d tapas where we had a huge assorment of delicious stuff. We also ate at the Lady and Sons which is Paula Dean’s (of the Food Network) restaurant.

Molly mentioned the Ghetto of Savannah. I think it could best be summed up by the sign we saw hanging on a auto repair shop stating simply “Put yo trash” and this, the only picture we took in Savannah.

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