August 6, 2005

We got back last night from a week long vacation in Georgia. It was the baby’s first time in an airplane and she seemed to like taking off and landing the most, kicking the most during those times. We spent four nights visiting friends in Atlanta and had a great time. We visited Coca-Cola World and the CNN world headquarters. Both were a lot of fun. We also went to some Civil War museum and battlefield. That was pretty boring and a dragonfly landed on my arm and completely freaked me out. I’ve never been one for nature.

After Atlanta we drove across the state to Savannah. Savannah was not what we were expecting. We were disappointed to find it to be more of a ghetto, rather than a cute southern town. We did spend a day at Hilton Head and had a great time there. If your future travel plans bring you to Georgia, we would recommend staying in Hilton Head and spending a day in Savannah. The baby related highlight of the trip was when we were in a shop, Twenty-four E, and a man asked me if I was having a boy or a girl. That was the first time that someone I didn’t know asked me about the baby. I also found it ironic that about two minutes later, in the same shop, someone else asked us if we were on our honeymoon.

All in all, I had a fun vacation and was thrilled to be able to see our friends in Atlanta, but I glad to be home.

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