July 27, 2005

Happy Wednesday to everyone. I don’t really have any shrimpy news today. I guess updating this may be harder than I imagined. Well, at least until there’s a baby to talk about. Hmmmm. . .

I guess can talk about her in general. She seems to be most active about 8-10 at night after we’ve eaten dinner and Molly is relaxing on the couch. I hope that when she comes out she realizes that her bedtime is 7:00 and that she’s not allowed to wake up until 7 in the morning. From what I’ve heard though it takes babies a while to figure that out. I’m sure she’ll be extra smart though and realize what’s up.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet, but my main concern about Shrimp is that she’ll be leaky. If there’s one thing that grosses me out it’s leaks. From the rumors I’ve heard babies don’t figure out that it’s rude to drool and poop on people for a year or two, but again, I’m sure Shrimp will be bright enough to figure that out too. I guess that’s all for today!

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