July 26, 2005

First to clarify. The baby’s room is not almost finished. The crib is just put together. Other than that, nothing else is ready. I just wanted to straighten that up.

The baby is doing well. She’s constantly kicking up a storm. I was able to see her kick for the first time a couple of days ago. Everything continues to be exciting and fun! 18 weeks and 3 more days!

Zak adds, Ok, maybe it’s not done, but we have bought everything, so we’re done having to worry about that. I still haven’t seen her kick. I think Molly knows where she is kicking so she can feel and see it at the same time. To me it all just looks like her breathing though. Maybe soon.

Shrimp’s first ultrasound picture is up in the photo gallery. You’re going to have to wait until the middle of August to see her more recent ones though since that’s where I have access to a scanner. I’m even more excited though for when she comes out and I can put up some real live pictures of her!

I’ve been taking a Master’s class for the past couple weeks so I haven’t been able to see Mol or Shrimp during the day, but I’ve been reading and singing and talking to them so much as I can in the evenings.

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