July 25, 2005

Finally!!! The premier of family.physicsmonkey.com as a repository for everything to do with Shrimp and her family. Molly and I will do our very best to keep this site up-to-date with everything we can about her.

The past two months have been extremely eventful. Probably the most exciting recent memory was Friday, July 15 when we were told by two seperate people we could expect Shrimp to be a girl. Of course that led to a frenzy of baby preparations. Her nursery is almost completly furnished. Her crib (in blue) has been assembled and her (and when she’s finished with it, my) chair has been ordered. Just a bit of painting and rearranging to do before she comes.

She’s been kicking like crazy. Every doctor who looks at her says she’s going crazy with activity. I’m pretty excited since that to me means either a)She’s going to be a swimmer or b)She has built in zoom-zoom, which will save us some money on the aftermarket expansion pack.

Molly and I have both been keeping up on our baby reading. I havn’t seen anything notable in mine lately, but I’ll be sure to update here if I do. Other than that all seems to be going well for Shrimp and Mol, and Me. I’m really looking forward to her coming out to play. I keep trying to talk her into coming early, but so far all she’s done is kick me. We’ll update soon!

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