August 10, 2005

According to Zak:

Today we did lots of baby stuff. We went to Pottery Barn Kids to register for some stuff for her. If you’d like to take a look you can find the registry here. Also, I don’t know if we put it on the site before, but most of the stuff we need we registered for at Babies R’ Us which you can find here, if you’re curious. We had a pretty good time today finding the stuff she’ll need. Unfortunatly, I’ve been feeling a bit sick so we didn’t really go or do anything else today. Well, I guess we did go over to Molly’s school to rearrange some furniture this morning. Now we’re just hanging out though, Mol’s making some salsa while I type this.

I’ve been saving the most exciting thing for now. On the way out of the mall we stopped into Land of Nod just to look around. I’ve had my eye on her for a long time, and since she was on sale I had to get Junglie Monkey. As you can see she is huge, but she’s going to be Shrimp’s best friend when she comes out. For any of you who have heard my discipline plan you’ll know that she is an integral part. I plan to use a method similar to the one proposed in the classic “The Whipping Boy“.

The way it works is I’ll start by getting her really attached to the monkey, so that she loves it and thinks it’s the greatest monkey in the world. Then, any time Shrimp misbehaves I’ll tell her in a deep, autoritative voice to “Go get your monkey”. I’ll spank the monkey when she brings it and then she’ll be really sad that her monkey got spanked so she’ll never misbehave again!

Molly adds:

I’m just thankful that Shrimp is not a boy. I think we’d be in trouble when he goes to school and tells his teacher that his dad spanks his monkey. That would be bad!

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