Drunk On A Plane

We had this date marked on the calendar forever.

Dierks Bentley

We did a SUPER hike today! Bryce Canyon has always been one of my favorite national parks and today was no exception. We started the morning slowly: slept in a bit, drank some coffee, got the gear packed. We were on the trail before nine though. The plan for the day was to do the Figure 8 loop. We started from Sunrise Point, traversed the Queen’s Garden, circled half the Peekaboo Loop and came to a junction that we’d been to many times before, but hadn’t ever really considered making a left at. We discussed the pros and cons, took a straw poll, discussed some more, decided we needed it to be unanimous, and then we took the left.

This particular left would lead us up out of the canyon to Bryce Point. A mile(ish) journey each way with a signficant climb on the way up and decent on the way back. EVERYONE was in stellar moods, and we made it up with little problem. The views were decidedly worth it. We could see all of the Bryce Ampitheater, the town of Tropic, and miles beyond. It’s a detour that I think we’re all glad we made and will undoubtedly make again some day.

After coming back down from our Bryce Point high we completed the Peekaboo Loop and ascended to the Rim once again via Wall Street. I was really amazed by how everyone (myself included) did on this hike. It wasn’t easy! It was long with a lot of up and down. The weather was quite cooperative, topping out in the upper 70s. It has me psyched for the rest of the summer.

This was a legit hike.
The girls making their way up Wall Street.
We completed the Hike The HooDoos challenge. I think we blew the Ranger’s mind with how much of it we completed.

I feel this is the right space to share a little story from last night. Zoe and I were walking along the rim trail after dinner when we saw a lady carrying a dog in a backpack a ways ahead of us. As we got closer we realized the dog wasn’t moving and decided it must have been a stuffed animal. As we passed her we got a real shock as we discovered that it was stuffed, but not as we’d original though. That’s right, she had a taxidermied dog head sticking out the top of her pack. We told Molly and Ellie about it, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t believe us. Until, we saw her on the trail again today. I’m glad Zoe and I were vindicated, but a little weirded out this lady is walking around with a dead dog strapped to her back.

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  1. Thank you for posting the map!! That is nutso that you added that extra out and back!!!!

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