White Water Rafting with the Stewart’s

This morning I woke up with out Ellie not right next to me. It was great! We woke up do a delicious homemade breakfast of French toast, eggs, fruit, and bacon. After playing more chutes and ladders Colin was dropped off at camp.

At 9:00 we arrived at Clear Creek Rafting. 2 years ago we white Water rafted and Crawfish was our guide. We asked if he was still there. Our guide Ana said yes and that he lives in the boat shed which is an upgrade from his car. Anna, our guide lives in her car. It must be a thing.

After, we were fitted for our helmet and life vest. This year there was fortunately no wet suit. We learned all of the drills (forward, backwards, and lean in.) Then we started going. We were able to be by the Stewart’s most of the time which was a plus. There was one spot where we got to get out and jump in them float down back to the raft. That was super cold and fun. The whole experience is exciting.

After we went out for lunch with the Stewart’s. Tonight we are camping at Rocky Mountain.

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