Mt. Sherman

This morning we woke up at 4:30. My mom, Ellie, and I headed towards the Mt. Sherman trail head.

When opened our doors the cold wind slapped our faces. We put on our boots and started going up. Up, 2,000 something feet up. When we finished we were 14,034 feet in the air.

The hike was amazing. There were beautiful views the whole way up. The end was amazing. I felt so accomplished and rewarded. We saw Mt. Elbert and thousands of others.

Our second 14er. Wow! Now we are stuck in traffic (stupid people getting in accidents) and on our way to Lewis Sweet Shop then the Stewart’s.

After the delicious cherry shakes we headed towards our friends house. We played clue, tag, and air hockey. After we went to dinner. When we got back we hung out. It was so nice to see kids I know. It was a fun day!

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