Day 39: Mount Sherman

Today was all about us girls. Zak sadly spent the day in the hotel room resting and recovering from whatever bug he caught.

On the other hand, the girls and I were up at 4:30 and on the road well before 5:00. We had an hour and a half drive to the trailhead. There was not a single coffee shop open along the way at that god awful hour. The drive took us down a dirt/rock/gooved/curvy road for 11 miles. It was pretty intense driving, but we reached the trailhead and were ready to hike well before 7.

The hike was relatively easy, all things considered. There was just over 2000 feet of elevation gain over 2.5 miles. The terrain was mostly rocky and slippery, which made our foot placement so important. The final mile was particularly steep and on a very narrow ledge. There was a serveral hundred feet drop-off on each side of the two foot wide rocky trail. That’s when we had the discussion of what the girls should do if I fell. Fortunately I didn’t and they didn’t either.

The summit was beautiful. Just perfect. The 360 degree view was breathtaking. It was so special to be there with just my two daughters. We took it all in, sitting for half an hour just admitting the view and enjoying being at the summit together.

I can’t complete this without talking about the strength the girls exhibited. Their mental and physical strength was unmatched today. Ellie tended to be our leader, testing the stability of rocks before Zoe and I approached. She set the pace, frequently asking if she was going too fast or slow for us. Zoe was our cheerleader. Her gentle reminders to stay positive and not give up were exactly what Ellie and I needed at times. I am so ridiculously proud of them.

After the hike we stopped at South Park Brewery for a quick bite and then headed back to Frisco to pick up a healthy Zak. I snoozed in the car on the way to Empire for our regular stop at the Lewis Sweet Shop for malts. My blackberry malt was the perfect reward for the hike.

Our day ended at the lovely home of the Stewart’s, friends of our from home who moved here last year. They graciously invited us to stay the night and we all had a great time reuniting. I know the girls really enjoyed playing with kids they know and Zak and I had been craving conversation work friends!

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