20 Miles In 2 Days

This morning we woke up with the crisp wind hitting our faces. After tyeing our boots up and a bite of Beef Jerky we started heading back down.

The hike was just as beautiful as yesterday. Wildflowers, mountains, and Aspen’s were visible the whole time. While we were hiking we all named our packs. Here are the names.

  1. Dad/Fluffy- Bob 2/ Old Blue
  2. Me/Shooter- Cookie Monster
  3. Ellie/Calamari- Sour Cherry
  4. Mom/Latte- Granite

What would you name your backpack?

This was the most rewarding hike of the trip. We did it! First Backpacking Trip this trip. We saw moose and deer. I don’t think anyone talked about the deer so I will. Last night we heard the loudest fart. We all blamed it on Ellie. She said it wasn’t her so we looked outside and the deer 20 feet away from us had let it rip/cut the cheese.

After the hike we went out for lunch in Aspen. And I have never felt so out of place in my life.

After we came back to the hotel room and ordered pizza for dinner. My dad wasn’t feeling well so we got a thermometer. Unfortunately, he has a fever so we will play tomorrow by ear. It was a rewarding day!

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