Cake By The Ocean

For a day that was decidedly low key, it turned out to be a fun one. I’m not sure that this is worth a whole written-out-in-paragraphs blog post so here are the highlights:

1. As we were once again hanging out by the Kimpton Tideline’s pool I discovered that today was national ice cream day. Even more exciting was the discovery that Uber was running a promotion in which they would deliver ice cream bars to anyone who requested them. Never one to pass up a bargain I loaded up the Uber Eats app and filed my request. Sadly, it sat on the “searching for a driver” screen for about 10 minutes before I gave up.

Later though, is when the magic happened. I decided to give it another go, just before three as we were sweating on the beach. To my surprise I very quickly got a notification that our ice cream was on the way. I got dressed and made my way to the entrance. After a couple more minutes a car sporting two Uber flags pulled up and an energetic driver hopped out. From the trunk he pulled a gift bag and ice cream bars. Then asked if we could take a couple selfies (see the attached pic below) and refused a tip before pulling away.

Upon reaching the beach we discovered the four best ice cream bars we’ve ever had. They were Magnum brand and consisted of an inner core of vanilla ice cream coated with a layer of chocolate, then a layer of caramel, and a final layer of chocolate. We also received a really nice, and really cute pair of flip-flops for Molly. Thanks Uber!

2. Ellie lost a tooth in the ocean. It wasn’t an easy process though. It took a couple tries and required me to hold her and Molly to pull as the waves crashed around us. She has the most amazing list of places she’s lost a tooth: the ocean, a mountain, her birthday, Zoe’s birthday, and the middle of a soccer game. I wonder if the tooth fairy will be able to find us.

3. We held the official RTXVI swimming pool hand-stand competition. Although I won the first round, Ellie secured a narrow victory in the second. #IThinkSheBribedTheJudges

4. It was another fabulous Kimpton day. We’re relaxing in the room and blogging now. Most of the day though was swimming, sunning, and drinking. We had an awesome assortment of rums waiting for us when we checked in along with two delicious slices of chocolate cake. We’re going to head to the hotel restaurant, Brandon’s for the third time tonight. After that I can’t think of a better possible end to our time here than enjoying our cake by the ocean.

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