The 26th Day

Today was our first whole mountain of the trip. It was really easy except for the very end when it was very steep. It was straight up the side of a mountain. The hike up was very hard, but the hike down was easy. Once we reached the very tippy-top of the mountain I felt like I was on top of the world.

We hiked over three summits. The summits were piles of rocks. The first one was easy to hike over. Here is a picture of me on top of it:


The next summit was a little taller. The last summit I led Zoe and my mom the wrong way, it was very hard because it was straight up and it was basicly rock climbing. Once we reached the top of the rock climbing wall we got our picture taken and I got to talk to my grandma on the phone. I felt proud because I had succeeded my third mountain.

Then we head back down to eat lunch. While we were eating lunch we saw the creepiest chipmunk ever. It looked like a little racoon and at one point I was sitting on a rock all comfortable and my mom told me to look down and there was the creepiest chipmunk ever. After our experience with the chipmunk we started to head down the mountain, it was a lot easier than on the way up. We crossed the river once again on the balance beam. Then it seemed like less than a minute we could already see Fred.

We all buckled up and drove off to the hotel. I took a nap like usual and then we went grocery shopping. We got two party sized bags of Cheetos, jelly, drumsticks for later, and bread. After grocery shopping we actually went back to the hotel. Zoe and I swam until a kid pooped their pants. Then we took showers and now we’re eating the calamari my dad promised me if we made it to the top.

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