Day 24: RMNP Bear Lake Hike/Estes with the Ristows

(Did I throw a fast one at you, Ruth and mom? Keep reading…)

Our plans for today got turned around time after time as the threat of severe weather became more realistic. From Mount Ida to Estes Cone and Lilly Mountain to just Estes Cone to, finally, the Bear Lake area. The weather was misty and cold, but we bundled up and have those nice Marmot rain jackets. Each of the last times we’ve been here have included stops at Bear Lake and some of the other nearby lakes. And each year we hike a little bit more of the area.
Today we did about seven and a half miles among some of the most beautiful scenery: waterfalls, lakes, mountains, snow, wild flowers, huge boulders, two elk. It was breathtaking. Yep, it rained quite a bit (we never did see lightening), but everyone was happy, eager, patient, willing to take risks, and self motivated. It was a good hike.

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We checked into our hotel for the next FOUR! nights in Estes Park and headed to the downtown area. Last night I got a message from an old friend that he and his wife were in Rocky Mountain NP too. We go way back, like to the very beginning of our lives. Our moms were in the same newborn moms group. This group is pretty spectacular. They still get together several times a year even though all us babies are grown and have babies of our own. In fact, growing up I knew that no commitment of mine could trump the “MNO” (moms night out) on the calendar each month. Anyway, us babies all grew up and went down different paths. I think most of us are friends on Facebook, but not more than that. So, when David and his wife Becky said they’d be available for a drink and dinner I was thrilled. We met up at The Wheel (I think we’re regulars now.) It was so delightful to catch up and we vowed to get together at home too.

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