We received our first holiday card in the mail today. I immediately emailed the sender with a nod of congratulations. Our first card of the season. I told her that I would be busy spending the afternoon creating our card on too.

I have used shutterfly for a variety of products, like calendars. In fact we make a calendar for Zak’s grandparents each year and I’m sure they always enjoy it. We are also the recipient of a calendar from my parents each year. The girls love flipping through the months all year long and admiring their own smiling faces.

This is the first year we’re doing a photocard. Last year, I realized we were the last of our friends to not do a photocard and declared that this year were were. I actually had a lot of fun scrolling through sutterfly’s designs to pick the perfect one for us. I knew I wanted one I could put a lot of pictures into, as I was having a hard time finding just one or two photos to work with. I found this design and am excited to see it come to life with Zoe and Ellie’s faces!

I also browsed through the birthday invitations and found some cute ones to use for Ellie’s birthday!

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