The night of 100 tacos

imageEver since I saw the episode of the Simpsons where Bart ponders buying 100 tacos for $100 it’s been a dream of mine to accomplish the same thing.  Last Friday night I finally achieved that life dream.  It all began a couple weeks ago when I came home to find a flyer from Taco Stop on our door with an amazing deal.  During any Blackhawks game they were willing to sell us 100 tacos for the unbelievable price of only $50.  That’s right, $0.50 per taco.  A little bit of organizing later we had 5 other families who were willing to part with $10 each (somehow tax came out to be $9.50).

The tacos turned out to be excellent, although I was a bit disappointed that between the 24 people there we were only able to finish 60 of the 100.  I think Ellie may not have finished her quota.


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