Grandpa Owen

My Grandpa Owen died last Thursday, February 18th at the age of 80 and after 56 years of marriage. He was a fighter that worked his way through more medical obstacles than imaginable. And always without a complaint. He was mentally prepared to pass away and I sincerely believe he was 100% ready. Nonetheless, it hurts. My heart hurts. For Grandma. For my dad. And mom. My aunts. Uncles. Michael. My cousins. And my kiddos. We will all miss him.

I have countless memories from childhood with him. All good and happy and joyful. The walks to Dairy Queen for dilly bars. Playing in the backyard. Listening to the local police radio in the back room. Watching him carefully make t-shirts in the basement. His glasses case in his front pocket of his polo shirts. The holidays with all us little cousins running around. His amazing smile in every photo ever taken of him. All warm memories.

What I will miss the most is his relationship with my Zoe and Ellie. He loved them so very much and I believe he hung on for a few extra years for them and his other three beautiful great grandkids. My kids will never sit on his lap again. His prostatic legs with never be a fun game of confusion and giggles. He won’t sneak bites of Chex Mix to them on our next visit. They won’t beep the horn on his scooter again. He won’t encourage them to eat a second cookie at lunch so he can have the other half. They will not see his smiles of approval when they do something slightly inappropriate at the dinner table during holidays. He won’t be able to teach them new skills as he taught Zoe how to wink and Ellie how to kick a ball.

We won’t have new moments with Grandpa Owen.

Grandpa was a good man and all who knew him know of his gentleness and kindness. He made such an impact on our lives and we will carry his spirit always.

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