Spending Wisely

Zoe received $31 for her birthday from her great-grandparents. She opened a card to find a crisp $10 bill inside and lit up from the inside. Then she opened another card and found 20 one dollar bills, I know because she has counted them over and over and over. We placed them in a safe spot and reminded her several times since her November birthday to be thinking of something she might want to buy.

She finally decided a couple of days ago. She wanted real baby clothes for her baby doll, Marco.

(A bit about Marco. Zoe got a lovely baby for her 2nd birthday and soon fell in love with it. She named it Emma and took great care of Emma. About a year ago, Zoe suddenly changed the doll’s name to Marco. And she became a he. Over the past year Marco and Zoe have developed a special relationship and Marco is much more of an imaginary friend than a physical doll. Zoe is CONSTANTLY telling us all about the crazy, wild, or totally normal, run-of-the-mill adventures the two of them go on.)

Anyway, Zoe decided she wants to go to Target and purchase a few items for Marco. She creates a list in Zak’s phone consisting of: onsies, burp clothes, pajamas, and shoes.

She carefully put her money in her new Hello Kitty wallet inside of her new Hello Kitty purse, grabbed Marco and headed to Target with us. She strapped Marco in the baby seat of the cart and proudly pushed him throughout the store. (Marco actually looks pretty lifelike and we got several looks from folks who must have thought he was real.)

Zoe carefully picked out a darling pair of newborn boy pajamas, a pack of 5 girl onsies, 3 burp clothes, and a cute pair of white slippers.

We made our way to the check out and Zoe carefully and accurately counted each bill and handed them over to the patient cashier.

It was a great experience for her and such a grown-up thing for my little girl to do.

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