An Update!

Well, it certainly has been a while since I’ve posted.  Life got busy, what can I say.  Here’s my very short list of excuses: I’m working 16 hours each weekend at Dizzy’s now. I’ve joined the LaGrange Park MOMS Club, which is providing countless activities for us each week.  I’m gearing up for that crazy Farmers’ Market season.  Ellie is crazy and keeps me (literally) running after her all day, every day. I am addicted to American Idol, taking up two nights each week.  The weather is FINALLY nice, and we’re out and about almost everyday now. So, there are my excuses. Not great ones, but the truth.  Oh, one more.  All those things make me sleepy!

So here’s a quick run down as to what is going on with us:

Zoe.  She’s obessed with mothering her baby dolls, including breastfeeding them.  Especally in public.  Emma has been her favorite baby doll for nearling two years, but a while back Emma had a sex change and is now Marco.  That Zoe girl has quite the imagination.

Ellie.  This one is the fiesty one.  She jumps, runs, skips, and circles everywhere, often down the stairs.  She has had countless bumps and bruises from falling down the stairs.  AND…I really do keep a close eye on her.  She’s just a little maniac.

Zak.  Only two and a half weeks of school left.  He is not really putting much effort into his job and is taking a couple of days off each week.  It’s great to have him around more and what are they going to do, fire him?  He is starting a new job in the fall at Joliet High School teaching physics.  I don’t think he’s going to be able to take as many days off.  Bummer

Me.  As mentioned before I’m working at Dizzy’s on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.  It’s fun and I really like hanging out with The Chris and The Angela.  I’m in the last week of a four week boot camp, a workout class that starts at 5:30 am four days a week.  I’m strong now and have some nice guns.

So, that’s about all.  The girls are with a sitter (thank the gods for the Salt Creek Babysitting Co-op.) I have a bit more time, so I’m going to try to get another post up.

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