Almost Three

With just a day and a half left of being two, Zoe is living it up!  We’ve already had a fancy parfait party with her friends and have spent the day cashing in those “Happy Birthday!  Here’s a free scoop of ice cream, pancake, etc.” coupons!  She’s had the dreaded three year check-up appointment, which went actually went extremely well.  She’s 40 1/2 pounds and 39 1/2 inches.  (If I don’t document those stats here, there will be no documentation.  That’s why I share them with you all.  She’ll probably make me stop when she’s a teenager!)  Both her weight and height put her in the 97th percential for three year olds.  Her new doctor was extremely pleased with all that Zoe can and is doing and has no concerns at this time!

This is the first birthday that she’s really into and she is just so excited.  She is constantly asking questions like:

How many more days until Saturday?

Is today my birthday?

Will Santa be at my party?

Are we having cake?

Who will be at my party?

She knows the answers to all these questions, but just wants to talk about it all day long.

Her birthday day will consist of a fun breakfast at Dizzys and a fancy taco party with family.  And she is so looking forward to it!

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