We are so overwhelmed with happiness about the results of the election.  Zak and I, as well as most of America, were just so frustrated with Bush and so much of the Republican agenda.  It’s been a very frustrating eight years for us and we really weren’t sure we could put up with another four years.  This summer Zak suggested moving out of the country if McCain won.  Not forever, but just a few years to experience another corner of the world.  It’s a pretty extreme notion, but the more we thought about it, the better it sounded.  We talked about Europe and had wild adventurous plans.  The deal we made with ourselves is we’d only move it Obama didn’t win.  After all, we want to experience the changes and the future he’s going to bring.

As fun as moving abroad sounded, we were really committed to Obama and totally invested in the election.  I listened to just about every speech Obama, McCain, Biden, and Palin gave each day.  I was obsessed with the news shows and interviews and the pundits.  I wore Obama shirts and actually had TWO bumper stickers.  It was election central in our house and with a few weeks to go, Zoe knew Obama’s voice and could easily point to his photo.

I decided I needed to expose her to both candidates.  After all, we want the kids to be able to think for themselves and make wise decisions and choices based on their feelings and knowledge.  I showed her McCain’s picture, explained some of his policies in a three year old manner, and taught her to recognize his voice.

She decided she liked McCain.  She liked him a lot.  She actually tried to convince me I should vote for him.  Tuesday morning, over breakfast she was telling me she wanted to vote Republican.  I told her that if McCain wins we’re moving and she won’t get to see Grandma and Grandpa anymore.  Finally, she said she hoped Obama would win.

As fun as it would have been to learn from a small town baker in a French village, I’m so thrilled and anxious with all the next years are going to bring.

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