September 24, 2006

Zoe has accomplished a new milestone. She can now wave. And it is hilarious! Most babies that I am aware of wave by, flapping their hands up and down, but not Zoe. Her wave resembles a hyperactive queen. She cups her hand around an imaginary egg and wildly shakes her whole arms left and right and then right and left. It is the most endearing thing you’ve ever seen. We respond with wild enthusiasm so she will wave at the most random times and then laugh with giddiness. Zak will put a bite in her mouth and Zoe will respond with a wave, so we wave at her and say “Hi Zoe! Hi Zoe! Hi Zoe!”

We went to family swim at the y and Zoe was waving at the lifeguard. She waved at the cashier at Trader Joe’s. I have a feeling this newfound talent will make Zoe even more friends than she already makes in an average day!

Goodness, I love our life!! So fun!

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