August 30, 2006

Each week or so, Zoe and I go to the library and pick out a bunch of stories to read at bedtime.  One of the stories I randomly pulled off the shelf was titled, Tango Makes Three.  It has a darling picture of penguins on the cover and looked like a cute story about a penguin family.  The story began by talking about all the different animals at the zoo in Central Park and how mom and dad animals take care of their babies.  It then began discussing the penguins and how they find partners that they think are cute to start a family.  Lilo and Roy were two penguins that really liked each other a lot.  Lilo and Roy are both boys.  It went on to talk about how they took care of an egg that couldn’t be cared for by it’s parents, and they went on to parent Tango, their new baby.  Tango is thought to be the only penguin to have two fathers.  The epilogue went on to explain that this is a true story and Lilo, Roy, and Tango are a very happy penguin family living in the New York zoo. 

I didn’t know what the book was about when I checked it out, and it was a lovely story.  After catching on to the drift of the book, Zak did say, in regards to the randomness of the selection of the book, “It’s a good thing we’re a liberal family.” 

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