August 29, 2006

Well, I’m yet another year older, but wow, it was a fabulous day. Actually, it all started on Suday. Zak, Zoe, and I went into the city and had a perfect picnic lunch at Millennium Park. Zoe loved crawling all over the blanket, watching the pigeons, playing with the in-ground sprinkler system, and staring at the interpretive dancers who were dressed like chickens. Granted, everyone was staring at them. We walked up Michigan Avenue to the Hershey store for some birthday cupcakes. If you scroll to the bottom of the pages you’ll see a darling girl holding a cupcake and that is all I wanted for my birthday. We picked out the four biggest, best looking ones and had them packaged up to be brought home. We also stopped at Ralph Lauren for some towels and them made our way back to the park so Zoe could play in the fountain. It was a perfect day. After dinner we split a cupcake.

Today, my mom took a vacation day, and in spite of the crummy weather we had a fabulous day wondering through Oakbrook, just shopping and eating! It was lovely and I’m so grateful that she was able to take the time off. Zak arranged to get out of swim practice and came home early to spend the afternoon with us. We opened presents and then had a yummy taco dinner. After Zoe had gone to bed, Zak and I were talking and realized that we were both terribly disappointed in the cupcakes. They were completely flavorless and very bland. Zak even said that they really aren’t worth the calories. So Zak put six candles in a loaf of bread that we had laying around and I made a birthday wish. We then had drumsticks for dessert. Zak came home tonight with a mini brownie cheesecake as a birthday cake and we’re giving the rest of the cupcakes to Grandpa Harry. He’ll eat them and won’t mind that they are extremely bland!

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