July 18, 2006

Zoe has taken up crawling like it’s a new, exciting job. Our lives have changed so much over the past week or so. Suddenly, nothing is safe from Zoe, expect for objects placed well above her reach. I swear, I’ll blink and she has moved 16 feet and is aggressively grabbing the new Martha Stewart Living magazine attempting to actually eat the photo of the “Dessert of the Month.” Then I’ll grab the magazine and as I’m placing it on top of the end table she’ll realize that she’s never tasted the wrapping paper of the present I’m was wrapping, and she’ll crawl to get it. In the process of us trying to snatch the paper out of her hands it will be shredded into many more pieces than necessary. It has very quickly become very challenging to take care of Zoe all day long. Don’t get me wrong, I do love every moment of it, and wouldn’t trade it for anything, it is just an adventure every day.

Zoe has learned yet another new sound. This is a combination of a whine, cry, and scream. We were in Wisconsin this weekend and Zoe was quite uncomfortable in her carseat, especially on the way home, and turned a six hour drive into a nine hour drive. (We were traveling the same day my parents were returning from the Mediterranean and we spent as much time in the car going one state as they did in an airplane going half way around the world.) Zoe had the entire car ride to perfect this new cry, letting us know for about seven of the hours how unhappy she was. I had a huge Marshall Field’s bag full of all her toys and I constantly handed them back to her and she would fling them across the backseat, and then start crying again. It was a fun ride home!

Part of our trip included seeing Zoe’s Great Grandma and Grandpa Knott, as well as Aunt Mindy, Uncle Mark, and cousin Jessie. Zoe certainly turned up the darling factor and was pretty amazing scooting all around the living room, chomping on Tupperware, discovering drawers in coffee tables (who knew such a novelty existed?), and very forcefully munching on a chip clip! I know Zoe was as proud as can be to be showing off for her relatives!

We are heading out to Elgin tonight for dinner with my parents, as it has been three weeks since they’ve been able to get their arms around Zoe. Meanwhile, I’ve been waiting since 7:30 yesterday morning for the air conditioning guy to come out. It’s a good thing I “work” from home and don’t have to take time off. I’m actually starting to get a bit unhappy, but I’ll try to talk Zoe into crying her new cry when they repair person is here, as that’ll be a pleasant sound to work to! After all, you know what they say about payback.

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