July 10, 2006

So, you see, we have this Zoe girl. And she just happens to be amazing. Like, beyond amazing. More like perfect. She learns and grows and lives so much each day. It’s a miracle. She’s learned to crawl. My baby can crawl! She started slowly, only a few crawls at a time before rolling over and sitting up, but now she is darting from room to room. Yesterday I was in the kitchen and I looked down at my feet and there was a Zoe. Then a few minutes later I looked down again and she was five feet away sucking the door of the dishwasher. I think this is the point when parenting could get more interesting. How do you keep a baby out of everything, when she wants to get in everything? This is going to take some work.

She has started to make this new noise. She’ll put her lower lip over her upper lip and blow like the wildest whale one could meet. It makes the darling, sweet rumble noise. Instinctly, I mimic her and then start laughing and her cuteness. Everytime. Well, today she was eating her supper of peaches and sweet potatoes (more on the peaches in a second) and she made this fabulous new noise and food sprayed on her high chair. After making the noise too, I started laughing, and that made her do it again. This went on until we were both significantly covered in orange baby food, as well as her chair, my chair, the floor, the table, and the buffet. My stomach hurt so much from laughing so hard.

About the peaches she had for supper…yeah, well, she loved them. I can’t figure this chica out. Last time she hated them, so much so that I felt confident to write it in her baby book under β€œFoods I Don’t Like.” I guess I shouldn’t have jumped the gun on that one.

My parents are in the middle of a two-week Mediterranean cruise and we are missing them like mad. Fortunately, we are able to get and send e-mails on a fairly regular basis, but Zoe and I are really missing our days hanging out with Grandma. They’ll be home soon though, and then we’ll do some major Starbucking!

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