May 17, 2006

Zoe has been sleeping on her stomach for a few weeks now. We always put her down on her back, but by the time we bend over to give her a kiss goodnight, she’s flipped over. At first I was terribly concerned, but the pediatrician said it was fine. Each morning when I go in to get her up, she is still on her tummy, head held up high, and a gigantic smile on her face.

Well, two nights ago, on my way to bed, I went in to her room to whisper a wish of sweet dreams and I found Zoe in a new position. She was still on her stomach and her head was resting on its side, but her knees were bent under her and her bottom was sticking way up in the air. I laughed and insisted that Zak check it out. She was still in that bottoms-up position when Zak woke at 6:00 and slept that way again last night! I think it would be terribly uncomfortable, but if she’s a happy girl, then so be it.

Another new habit of hers is quite endearing. When I pick her up out of the crib, I always give her a huge bear hug and a cascade of kisses. Each time I wake her, Zoe has started to wrap her tiny arms around me and suck my neck. She may just be hungry and not sure where to look for food, but in my mind, she’s giving me a morning kiss accompanied with a perfect, Zoe-sized hug.

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