May 14, 2006

Today was my first Mother’s Day! Several years ago, on one of those family vacations, my parents took Michael and I to the town where the first Mother’s Day was celebrated. (Not too far up the road was the town where the first Father’s Day was celebrated a few years later!) I actually remember the church where the people had come up with this idea to honor moms. Now, being a mom, Mother’s Day has taken on a pretty cool meaning, and a can finally respect that side trip that probably took an hour on a hot summer day.

I have always enjoyed celebrating Mother’s Day with my mom and taking time to specially thank her for all that she does, but now I feel I have so much more to thank her for. She is a phenomenal example of what a great mom is and has been nothing short of the best mentor out there. She has helped guide and teach me throughout the past six months, knowing exactly when I needed advice, and knowing when to just pierce her lips and let us figure things out on our own. She’s listened to the many phone calls throughout all hours of the day consisting of tears and concerns that I’ve royally screwed up Zoe, convincing me each time that it will be fine. She listens daily to me tell her of the smallest, remarkable things that Zoe does, laughing in awe and amusement. My mom has inspired me to be a fabulous mom. Thanks, Mom!

Today was a great day, one that belongs in a book about perfect first Mother’s Days. Zak started the day off with a fun surprise from Zoe. Zoe got a pink onesie that says I love (heart) mom. Of course it is darling and she looked great it in all day. We went to church and Zoe spit up again on the pew in front of us, just like last week. We are going to have to solve that problem pretty soon here! After church, we came home and Zoe took a nap, while Zak went and ran an errand. Zak came home with two presents for me! First, 32 pink frosted cookies with sprinkles on top! Yummm! Second, a haircut! (I had been bugging Zak for a few weeks to get a haircut, so he got one for me for Mother’s Day!) Once Zoe woke up they gave me yet another gift. Cash. Cash in an envelope. There is actually a funny story behind it:

Zak has always gotten me good gifts, but I’m not always great at enjoying them. There was one Christmas where he got me pottery lessons, but I never went. And there was a birthday when he got me a bunch of clothes, but I returned most of them. And there was another birthday when he got me a vacuum cleaner. And he got me vanilla beans for Valentine’s Day, and I haven’t used them yet. Anyway, it is kind of a joke between us, so I said a couple of months ago, that I’d just like cash in an envelope. Hence, the perfect Mother’s Day present! So there’s the story.

We them spent the afternoon at the Garfield Park Conservatory, which happens to be where my mom spent her first Mother’s Day and I am all about traditions! It was wonderful, lots of beautiful plants and flowers. Once, we got home and fed Zoe some sweet potatoes, we went for a nice want. The day was wrapped up with a great taco dinner and we’re off to watch Desperate Housewives now!

It was a great day and I am so proud to be Zoe’s mom. I could ask nothing more in life now, as she brings me the greatest joy I have ever known. She and Zak allow me to flourish as a mom and encourage me to try new things and have fun every single day. I never could have imagined motherhood would be this rewarding and meaningful, and I wake each day so thankful that I have such peace and joy that Zoe brings.

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