February 15, 2006

Zoe’s First Valentine’s Day

Zoe celebrated her first Valentine’s Day in grand style. After a more challenging night she slept in a bit and got dressed in the most darling red and white striped sweater with a pink and white onesie under it, red pants, and pink socks. Unfortunately there was no picture taken of the outfit due to the most massive diaper blow-out ever that ruined the clothing (at least until laundry day.) She then changed into pale pink pants and a zippered hoodie that has a big heart on the front. As Zak said, “She looked like a Valentine.” Fortunately that outfit lasted until the end of the day!

The two of us went for a nice long walk in the afternoon and just spent the day hanging out. Zak came home after work before his master class to exchange presents. When he left he promised to return with burritos. Now you are probably thinking, “Burritos? Not very romantic.” And you would be correct, but like most off the wall things we do there is a decent story that accompanies it.

Let’s start at the beginning. Last Friday, Zak wanted to come home for lunch while mom and I were making cookies. My mom and I decided we wanted Noodles, which Zak is not crazy about, but he does enjoy a burrito from Chipotle, which is next door. We had finalized the order via telephone when Zak calls back with a tone of excitement in his voice. He demands I purchase two $5 gift card on separate receipts at Chipotle, because they were running a promotion that ended that day. With a purchase of a gift card you could return in the next few days with your receipt for a free burrito. Well, I do as told and stick the gift cards in the bag as I made my way to Noodles.

Fast forward to Friday evening. Zak is telling Nic about the great deal with much enthusiasm, when I suddenly remember I had stuck the gift cards into the bag that was THROWN out. All the way out, like the big garbage can out back out. Well, Zak being the hero AND cheapskate he is, bravely dug through the trash recovering the gift cards. The promotion ended on Valentine’s Day and we got ourselves a couple of free burritos, romantic burritos that is! So, there you have it, the story of our Valentine burritos.

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