January 30, 2006

We haven’t writing about any poop stories lately, so here’s a good one.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

10:15 Zoe gets a nice bath and gets all dressed up in a darling red dress for church.

12:15 Molly and Zoe are talking to the pastor after the service and Zoe goes to the bathroom, loudly, very loudly. The pastor even comments about God’s children doing loud things. Molly shyly tells Zoe to say excuse me.

1:00 We get home from church and a quick Trader Joe’s errand. Zak changes Zoe while Molly makes lunch. Zak is very vocal about it being the most disgusting poop ever. Molly goes upstairs to make fun of Zak for being stuck with this diaper change. Zoe proceeds to pee, creating a lovely mixture of pee and poop.

1:15 Zoe gets a second bath.

1:20 Zak gets Zoe dressed again, while Molly makes lunch. Molly reminds Zak to use baby lotion so Zoe’s skin doesn’t get dry with two baths in one day. Zak asks what Zoe should wear. Molly says it doesn’t matter.

1:35 Zak comes down stairs with a dressed Zoe. (It takes him a long time to get her dressed.) Molly notices that Zoe’s hair is hard and crunchy and says that she must not have gotten all the shampoo out. Zak says, β€œWell, I had a hard time rubbing the lotion in.” Zak had put lotion on Zoe’s hair so it wouldn’t get dry. Molly asked Zak if her put lotion in his hair.

1:45 Molly realizes that Zak had put mittens on Zoe’s feet, thinking they were socks.

What fun in the Knott household!

To keep you updated, Zoe’s cardiologist appointment is for this Thursday at 7:00 p.m.

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