Training Hike 02/02/2020

With the temperature hitting 50 here in Chicago on Sunday there would be absolutely no excuse for failing to spend some time on the trail. We had to make do with a quick jaunt through the woods, but at least we were able to enjoy the weather for a bit as we whet our appetites for spring. Ellie was rehearsing for her next musical and Zoe had a babysitting gig so Molly and I got a preview of life somewhere down the line. It seems like everywhere we turn lately someone or something is reminding us that we’re old now.

Although the hike was only 3 miles with very little elevation change, the trail itself was a bit of a challenge. There was a sheet of ice covering the trail nearly its entire length with only an occasional break for a bit of mud. It was test of balance the entire time and I failed at one point. Fortunately my slip only resulted in muddy hands and there was plenty of snow around to wash them with. This might be the first time in my life I’ve ever wished I owned a pair of crampons. Perhaps I’m starting to get over my fear of snow. The coolest sight we saw was a short stretch of the trail that had become a flowing stream. Molly and I both stopped simultaneously to snap a picture. Sadly, gaiagps seemed to have some difficulty with my photos this trip and only two of the five I took are showing up.

The weather was beautiful, the actual trail was not.

My fingers are crossed that we get more days like yesterday and that when they happen we have more free time to take advantage of them. SBXX is only 46 days away!

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