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  1. Ellie,
    I’m looking forward to your posts about the National Parks. You and your family saw a LOT of the American Southwest and also some of the Rocky Mountains this past summer. Of course, the Grand Canyon is the most impressive National Park, but I also have incredible memories of Mesa Verde National Park and the area as we drove through the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, including Telluride. Mesa Verde was amazing during the day, spooky at night, and all around desolate, historic and rugged.
    When I was in my youth, my parents drove the family through the hot desert to the Grand Canyon in a station wagon that had no air conditioning. One day, I left my sunglasses on the dash board — and, under the hot sun, the lenses MELTED — right out from the frames!! I was crestfallen because they were my first (and perhaps only) sunglasses as a youngster.
    Your cousin (once or twice removed),
    Jim Sullivan

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