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39. Lindsay – 2007-01-30 16:41:49
I looked at the most recent pictures and all of a sudden I think she looks like Zak!

38. Kristin – 2006-11-29 16:45:49
Hi Molly, Zak, & Zoe! I just looked at Zoe’s birthday pictures…how cute! We miss you guys and hope to see you sometime soon!

37. Cindy – 2006-11-21 16:47:53
Hi Zoe!! I just wanted to wish you a Very Happy First Birthday!! Your very blessed to have such a wonderful family who loves you soo much.. Your always welcome to stop by anytime and play in my office.. Enjoy your day at the zoo and noodles too!!
Smooches Darlin!!

36. Lindsay – 2006-10-28 08:55:13
When do we get to see pictures of Zoe and the chili powder?

35. Mollie with an ie – 2006-08-28 20:41:38
Okay, I just read your poop in the tub story and laughed out loud! What a funny joke, Zoe!

34. lindsey – 2006-07-26 12:43:26
hi zoe! i met your uncle mike when we lived in the dorms together and i worked with him for a long time. he is so proud of you and thinks the world of you! everytime he comes to visit he brings pictures to show to all of the girls—of course we all gush over how pretty your eyes are and how pink and chubby your little cheeks are! he insisted i check out your website. the shrimp’s website, as he calls it. what a great way to keep everyone up-to-date of your growth! hope you are enjoying the summer! you are a little doll…

33. Mollie with an ie – 2006-05-26 15:32:33
Zoe, I completely agree with your May 22 entry. You are so right on.

32. Jodi Hildebrand – 2006-05-09 21:09:03
A convo with Cristina Cabrera lead me here to meet Zoe…can she do flip turns yet? better work on that.
Your familiar faces and happy family made my night. Photos of other old friends (Lindsey, Dave, Nic! Oh my god!) were great reminders of such fun memories. Would love to reconnect…find me in LA, at
Miss you and am so happy for you guys!

31. Lisa Eby – 2006-05-03 06:33:10
Okay, you know that I am much more excited about the flatulance than the turning over. The sleeping’s good, too, though!

30. Lisa Eby – 2006-04-17 03:00:28
I’m waiting for pictures of Zoe in her Easter best!

29. Lisa Eby – 2006-03-19 20:48:23
Judging from your 3/17 entry, Zoe is going to be well-balanced!

28. Lindsay – 2006-02-24 21:50:16
Nic’s not the only one crying when he reads your entries- you are doing an admirable job of adjusting to your new role as a mom, Molly. Glad you are happy with your decision to take a break from teaching.

27. Nic – 2006-02-16 10:10:40
Feb 16, Zak ended his entry with “I guess she was probably just saying “Thanks for taking care of me, dad”.
All was well, I’m at work reading and smiling and laughing thruogh the entire entry. Then he ends with that, now I’m crying! Keep “taking care” of her, she is a very special girl. The weekend was great. Thanks for having us. See you next month.


26. Marge Johnson – 2006-02-15 14:15:37
Zoe is cute!
Nic & Val came through around 8;15PM on Sunday evening. I think they were anxious to get home and just as anxious to get Fitz. They said everything went beautifully. Zoe was perfect during the baptism. I’m ready to see the pictures on the website. Nic & Val showed us pictures on their digital camera.
Wow! It’s hard to believe that you have a daughter. Enjoy her – I think you are doing just that!
Hope to see you when we come to Chicago, but I can’t guarantee anything. I have a niece who should have a baby by FEB 22nd and will want to see her, we hope to get to Chicago the weekend of March 17-19. I understand you might be coming this way the following weekend.
Zoe is keeping you busy – that’s good.
See Ya, Marge Johnson

25. Katie Kniss – 2006-02-08 21:08:45
Hi Molly and Zak,

She is so precious! I’m glad to hear she is doing well. I hope you get to enjoy a few more sleep-filled nights!

24. Lisa Eby – 2006-02-03 14:31:17
It is such great news to hear that Zoe’s okay! I thought about you all day yesterday praying that it would all come out okay. Such good news AND a full night’s rest! You are blessed!


23. Grandma Margie – 2006-01-26 18:37:28
It sure was fun having you snowbound overnight. Zoe, you are more precious, more beautiful, and more fun each time we see you. You are growing by leaps and bounds! I know you’re looking forward to seeing all of your family from near and far when you celebrate your baptism in a few weeks.

22. Uncle Greg and Aunt Katie – 2006-01-24 07:45:12
My goodness you guys are busy! Can’t wait to see you in February… We have a Batavia/Geneva here in NY, maybe you could come and check those out too Happy belated two month Birthday Zoe! We love you much!

21. Lance and Jenny Abel – 2006-01-10 10:58:52
Molly and Zak-

Zoe is adorable, looking at the website makes me want to walk out of school (it is lunch), get in my car and drive up there to see you right now!! By the way – Molly you look great, don’t worry about sit-ups!!! I hope to see you soon!

20. Liz Denman – 2006-01-04 09:18:40
Molly and Zak – Zoe is just so darn adorable! I especially love the pictures of her with her mouth wide open javascript;emoticon(’;I’) Congratulations and I can’t wait to see her in person! javascript;emoticon(’*O*’)

19. Katie and Greg – 2006-01-01 10:19:17
Happy New Years! Hope this new and first year for Zoe is exciting, wonderful, and full of fun for you all. Love you and thinking about you guys a lot!

18. Nic and Val Johnson – 2005-12-23 17:08:45
Merry Christmas! We love checking the site….it makes us feel like we are a lot closer (and not missing a thing!)
Love you guys!

17. Aunt Katie and Uncle Greg – 2005-12-19 12:47:39
Merry 1st Christmas to Zoe! And Merry Christmas to you guys too Zak and Molly! We wish were there to see you all, and enjoy the Christmas season with you. Hope you got the package and hope to see you in February! Love Katie and Greg

16. Mollie with an ie – 2005-12-19 10:15:08
Oh, you guys are so cute! I’m bookmarking you and checking every day for new messages and pictures. I love little Zoe. And I love Zak’s descriptions of her…umm…#2’s. You are such a beautiful family!

15. Uncle Mike – 2005-12-16 11:50:06
I have been sharing all of Zoe’s pictures with the girls from my work and they all love them!! Kudos to Zoe!

14. Uncle Mike – 2005-12-07 19:47:24
I Think We All Vote More Pictures!!!!

13. Lindsay – 2005-12-03 16:57:18
While the poems are cute, I am wondering if you let Gina flunk or not.

12. Scott Alwin – 2005-11-30 08:45:05
Zoe, Molly, and Zak – I’m glad to hear you are all doing well. Congratulations! Enjoy every second of this. What an incredible experience. I look forward to seeing more pictures when you’ve had some time to catch up.

11. Lance and Jenny Abel – 2005-11-29 16:45:35
Congratulations!! She is beautiful!

10. Lindsay and Dave – 2005-11-27 20:26:44
Yahoo! Congratulations! Zoe is a fantastic name, as well.

9. Jim and Lisa – 2005-11-22 15:33:49
Congrats! So glad you are all well. Hugs to each of you. Sing away, Zak! HB2U, HB2U, HB2 Zoe (sp?), HB2U!

8. Aunt Katie & Almost Uncle Greg – 2005-11-22 10:14:34
CONGRATS Mom and Dad Knott!!! I am so excited to hear that all is well! We can’t wait to come home and see you (Zoe especially!). Love to you all! Katie and Greg

7. Mindy, Mark, Josh and Jess – 2005-11-20 09:51:20
Yea!! Baby Knott is on her way! We will be thinking of you alllllllll week long.

6. Grandma Margies Friend, Cindy – 2005-11-15 11:21:12
So happy for you Molly and Zak! Margie and I talk everyday about the coming of your little girl!! I’m enjoying the reports from your shopping expiditions and look forward to you, Baby Knott, modeling your new wardrobe.. I’m sure your family is anxious for your arrival this holiday season. What a blessing!!

5. Aunt Katie & Almost Uncle Greg – 2005-11-08 08:57:57
Hello Zak, Molly, and Baby Knott… Best of luck this week! We are thinking about you and SO ANXIOUS for a niece!! Love you all much!

4. Auntie Kate – 2005-10-25 12:34:35
Hello! I am so excited to be an auntie… come on out baby Knott! It was great seeing you guys last weekend; hope me and soon to be uncle greg can visit in the spring! Take care and talk to you soon!

3. Uncle Marshall – 2005-10-05 01:33:17
Hello from Shanghai. I hope you guys keep this up to date, it gives me one more way to stay in touch with the US. Stay well and stay happy. Love, Marshall

2. Grandma Margie – 2005-09-09 14:14:39
Shrimp, It’s such fun that your parents are sharing their pregnancy with us. Your dad sure gives me a giggle when he talks about you and your mom looks lovely as you get bigger. Love to hear about your kicks – you go girl! I can’t wait to hold you!

1. Mike Paris – 2005-08-18 21:46:40
This is Uncle Mike. I liked the webpage, it made my last hour of work go by faster

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