January 4, 2007

A few weeks ago Zoe decided that she didn’t like peas anymore. Peas were pretty much the only green vegetable that she had been willing to eat, so Zak and I were both concerned when she refused to eat them. Zak then had the idea that we should offer them to her as a snack and skip the nutritionless crackers. So we started having Pea Parties every afternoon and low and behold, Zoe gobbled them up. She has even gone through two big bowls of peas during Pea Parties. However, when we offer her peas in her high chair she pierces her lips closed and wildly waves her arms in front of her mouth, absolutely refusing to eat them. So each day, at about 3:30 we have these wild Pea Parties in our kitchen. If you’re ever around, we invite you to join us, just bring your own spoon for the peas!

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