November 22, 2006

What an amazing day we just day! Zoe turned one!!! My baby is one year old. One. She has an age that doesn’t have to be told in months. She is one. Zoe is one, as of today. Wow.

It was a day that could not be described as anything but perfect. My mom came to our house during breakfast and surprised Zoe with a birthday bib and a pink feathery birthday hat. The three of us went to gym and swim and Zoe crawled and played and sang and danced like the best of them! After a nap, we went to Noodles for macaroni and cheese. It was the first time Zoe has ever had a meal ordered just for her. She gobbled the pasta up by the fistfuls, creating a mess, all while wearing that pink feathery birthday hat. I don’t think there was a pair of eyes in the restaurant that didn’t sneak a quick peek (or a long glare) at our birthday girl.

After cleaning up our (my our, I mean Zoe’s) mess, we headed over to the zoo and went to play in the Hammil Family Play Zoo. Zoe was there a few weeks ago with Zak and I had taken her once this summer, long before she was actually old enough to play. She had a blast. She started out as a red bird and created a nest and played with eggs. After being a bird she became a veterinarian and took very good care of a whale. We thought it was hilarious to see Zoe walking around with syringes. She then pet a guinea pig and finally finished by becoming a zoo keeper and sweeping up the floor.

Once Grandma said good-bye, Zoe went down for a nap until Zak came home from work. They were thrilled to see each other, as always. We then helped Zoe open her presents and what fun that was!!!! She loves her new toys; especially her Zoe sized stroller, the shape sorter, the fun music table, and the pop up toy where you have to turn the knobs and such for the doors to pop up. She is so cute with the stroller. She started pushing it and keeps going until she runs into the wall or the table and then will cry because she can’t go any further. She is immediately happy once it is turned around and she starts back the way she came until it is time to cry again!

After playing, we had a great spaghetti dinner with cheesy bread and sweet potatoes. Then the big moment arrived. It was time for her first taste of chocolate cake. She loved it, shoving fistfuls of cupcake into her mouth. She ate it so quickly, I felt I had no choice but to give her half of mine. She was a gooey mess, but so perfect anyway!

After a bedtime story and lots and lots of hugs and kisses (and a few tears on my part), Zoe fell peacefully asleep and her first birthday was over. Amazing.

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