November 20, 2006

At 10:00 each night Zak and I go into Zoe’s room to kiss her goodnight before we head off to bed. She usually stirs a bit when we open her door and we are pretty convinced she now expects us about 10:00 and waked up on her own to wait for us. The other night Zak went in and Zoe’s head started to rise when he opened the door. As soon as they made eye contact, she lay down and closed her eyes. When I went in a few minutes later she was laying perfectly still with her eyes wide open. She was pretending to be asleep!

Last night, Zak had already said his good nights when I went into her room. Zoe immediately popped her head up and in the most cheerful voice said, “Hi, Mom!” She put her head down then let out a laugh, a toot, and then another big laugh. It took everything I had not to burst out laughing!

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