December 7, 205

Well, Zoe and I made it to day three of being on our own. With Zak back at work, it is just the two of us all day. It is kind of like the first week of a new job. I have to admit, I really like the wardrobe requirements (or lack there of) for this job! So far we have done great. I spend a lot of time watching Zoe eat, sleep, and poop. We also read books and play with some of her toys. We also play dress-up. I know that the point of a daughter is not to dress her up, but goodness it is so fun. She has so many darling outfits, I want her to wear several each day!
My mom came out to help finish the birth announcements and hang out on Monday. There is one very funny incident that occurred. My mom was pretty excited to change Zoe’s diaper, as she hasn’t changed a diaper in a long time. When Zoe had finished making her first mess of the day, we went up to change her. Now Zak and I always have Zoe’s head to our left, but that wasn’t convenient for my mom (she would rather work with her right hand.) So, I had to hold Zoe’s feet while my mom changed her. I had been talking with Zoe and not paying too much attention when I looked up and saw my mom grab one of the anti-bacterial wipes, rather than a baby wipe. I asked what she was doing and it turned out that she had already used one to clean up Zoe. I guess when I was a baby the wipes came in the cylinder containers just like the anti-bacterial wipes do now! So, point being, Zoe has a bacteria free tush and my mom learned not to do that anymore!

Tomorrow is Zoe’s first doctor’s appointment. I had another “Oh My God, This Is Real” moment when the office called to confirm Zoe Knott’s appointment. That was her first phone call! She really is a real person! I gosh darn cute real person at that!

That’s all for now. We are off to read a book and then watch today’s Martha…I want to raise this girl right! Today we are going to learn how to make a glitter tree topper and an antique looking stocking!

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