August 30, 2005

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Sorry shrimp for not updating this more often, but I figured since I have a few spare minutes at school I can write whatever I want without any editing by Molly! Hmmm, well I guess there really isn’t anything good to give away. . .

So perhaps I better just get to the update. Sunday was Molly’s birthday so we woke up and went to Blueberry Hill for breakfast. We realized we hadn’t been there since May, which is kind of weird since we both like going out for breakfast, and that’s the only place we ever go. I guess summer isn’t really conducive to waking up early for food. I had pigs in a blanket, which I’d been craving and Mol had her usual. Shrimp just got whatever she could from her mom.

Then Molly opened her presents. For fear of getting booed off the Dr. Phil show I won’t publicly say what I got her. However, for the record I did get her exactly what she’d been asking for, and she was thrilled to get it. In fact, she used it right away. I also got her new cordless phones to replace our phone that was so quiet you could barely hear the other person talking. My favorite featuer is that you can give the phones names. She doesn’t know it yet, but one of the phones will soon be named Charlie.

Then we went downtown Chicago to relax and have a picnic lunch in Millenium Park. Very Nice. After a few hours there we came home to play some Tripoli. Finally, I made tacos for dinner (Molly’s favorite). In all I had a very good day, and I hope she did too.


Shrimp kicks. A lot. I read her stories. I try to convince her to come out by saying things like, “If you come out in the next 5 minutes I’ll let you play with matches” or “I’ll let you drive the car”. So far she hasn’t fallen for it, I think she’s holding out for me to offer to let her dating before she turns 25 – That’s not going to happen though.


Apparently pregnant people do some pretty stupid things. I know this one pregnant chick who forgot to turn off the hot water in the bathroom sink when she got up in the night. Her husband woke up at 1:00 in the morning thinking the air conditioner was flooding the house. Then he realized that although he didn’t have to deal with flood damage, he would be coping with the water and gas bills soon enough.

I love you, Molly!

Other than that things seem to be going well for her. I’m going to get myself back to work now!

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