August 22, 2005

Today was my first day of school for the year. I was pretty good I guess, exausting though. It’s awful hard to go back to work after having 2.5 months off and I am achy from my hips down and in my throat from all the walking and talking. I guess it’s good to be back though.

Molly and I decided to have our next 26 dinners in alphabetical order, so we had apple meatballs for dinner last night. On the agenda for tonight is burgers and beans. The rest of the week is Chedderworst and Corn, Denver Omlettes, Enchaladas, and Fish and Fries. Mmmmm.

Shrimp is still kickin’ good. I read her What-A-Mess On The Beach last night and I guess she liked it ok. That’s all for now.

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