Plan For Vacation Day

I’m usually happy to jump on board celebrating made up holidays. Especially the lesser known ones like today’s “National Plan For Vacation Day”. Like most of these holidays, plan for vacation day is an invention of people with a vested interest in separating us from our cash. Its inventor, the U.S. Travel Association, is an […]

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The Spirit of Diggins

Happy Holiday! It’s been another year full of adventure, fun, tears, hiking, arguing, drinking, love, driving, dining, and more for us. #RTXIX is in the books (or more literally on this website). We jumped into our dream of some day living in SW Colorado with both feet after finding the perfect property there. We’ve all […]

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Each pair of us has developed a unique handshake. We recorded them all while at Yosemite, but only finally have internet fast enough to post them tonight. Enjoy!

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Curse and Crush

And we love and we shove it aside Aside -Dispatch I think we’re ready to declare the Day 14 curse officially lifted. The only real negative of the day for me was that I only slept about two hours in the yurt last night. Between the people showering, cleaners cleaning, babies crying, and bears prowling […]

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We can never know about the days to come But we think about them anyway – Carly Simon Since we need to plan our trips over a year ahead of time there is no way to take weather into account. There’s almost no way to take climate into account! As I’ve mentioned the Western US […]

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