🏡🚗💺 yesterday

We made it to the last day! For my blog today I wrote an update in the car every hour

Hour 1-8:00 I finished my breakfast that we got from the hotel. I have been listening to the wicked soundtrack and playing games. Starting to get bored. 10 hours and 25 minutes left! Phone battery-90%

Hour 2-9:00 I have not really done much in hour. I ate a muffin. There have been a lot of cows on the side of the road. I recovered from my boredom. 9 hours and 12 moinuts left! Phone battery-80% (charging)

Hour 3-10:00 Hour 3 was eventful. I watched a show. We also took are first break. The parents switched drivers. My mom also got more coffee. I got a water bottle. Now I am watching a a show. 8 hours and 10 minutes left. Phone battery-93%

Hour 4- 11:00 I DID IT!! I just woke up from a nap. I have not been able to sleep in the cad at all this summer no matter how tired. This hour started. With a show. My phone charged well I was asleep. We have 7 hours and 5 minutes left and a current eta of 6:05. I really hope my parents don’t get pulled over because I have plans tonight at 7 and we are no longer in Kansas we made it to Missouri! Phone battery-100%

Hour 5- 12:00 At this point I am still going strong. We are getting close! So far I am not to bored and staying pretty entertained! We have got 5 hours and 58 minutes until we are home!! Phone battery-100%

Hour 6- 1:00 this was a very eventful hour. It started with watching a show. About 45 moinuts in it was decided that it was lunch time so we stopped. First we went to the gas station. Then we went to taco bell. I got 2 burritos with rice and bean. Now we are back on the road again and enjoying lunch. We have 5 hours and 7 minutes left. Phone battery-97%

Hour 7- 2:00 I am getting sick of driving. I am running out of ways to entertain myself. GOOD NEWS THOUGH!!! WE ARE IN ILLINOIS!!! I am so close to all my friends. All we have to do is get to the top of the state. We have. We have 3 hours and 58 minutes left until are house. Are current eta is 5:58. Phone battery-100%

Hour 8- 3:00 Very bored right now. I have done nothing for the past hour. I feel like this drive is never going to end. We still have 3 hours and 6 minutes. We have a current eta of 6:09. Phone battery-90%

Hour 9- 4:00 2 hours and 2 minutes left!!! This drive is never going to end. Right now we are listening at a podcast about Picasso or something. I can not wait to get home! Right now are eta is 6:01. Phone battery-78%

Hour 10-5:00 AAAAAAAA!!!! WE ARE SO CLOSE!!! We have 59 minutes left! Less then an hour! We just stopped for the last time. We are still listening to the Picasso podcast. I can not wait to be home but, the last hour always takes the longest during the drive. Are current eta is 6:03. Phone battery 100%

I forgot to post this last night but we got home I got to see friends!!! And it feels so good to be home!

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