If you are looking to put me in a bad mood make me wake up at 6 am. This moring I got out of bed about 6:10 ish and changed. I thought about putting contacts in but could not keep my eyes open long enough to put them in. I then got back in bed and fell back asleep until 6:30. Then I went downstairs and waited for everyone else and by that I mean i fell asleep on the couch. When everyone was ready I got my sweater and blanket. Then got into the car and fell back asleep. Incase you have not caught on I am not a morning person. When drove and hour to telluride. The hike was hard but I did really good. We hiked up to a lake it was pretty and I ate some trail mic then we started going back down. I was doing amazing until the last tenth of a mile when I felt what is becoming way to filmiliar a sting. Incase you forgot last summer I got 8 wasp stings. And when we did angels landing I got stung again. Today was different though. I felt a sharp pinch right above my ankle. It was way worse then last time I immediately started screaming and told my parents through screams that I got stung on my foot. Not sure how but my shoe got off. And as if it could not get any better a huge tour group walked right past us. Fun. My dad ran ahead and got the car closer to the trailhead. We drove to telluride and got lunch my mom did some research and it turns out I got stung by velvet ant. To make it more embarrassing the thing can’t even fly it crawled up to me. For lunch I had a burger. When we got back to the house. I took a shower and then just sat in bed. For dinner we were supposed to have salmon/chicken salads but it turns out all we has was lettuce and salmon so I made a quesdilla. Now it is 9:30 and I am about to go to bed. Tomorrow is a rest day so no alarm!!

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  1. Ellie;

    Oh my dear heart, the bugs seem to be drawn to your great beauty. OY VEY! Being an epi pen carrying human, I do commiserate with you. You really do tear me up Ellie with your under the breath humor, “and by that I mean…” *Beams a huge smile your way* Hey, at least it’s not PBJ and Cheetos every day, right?!! I love reading your entries, Ellie. Thank you for letting me! XOXO

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