SORRY but i’m back‼️

Sorry grandma and mollie and the 1 other person who skims this. I’ve really wanted to post but I haven’t wanted to type it out. Right now we are sitting in Glacier traffic which is surprisingly present and One Direction is blasting there seeming no better time to update you then now!!

I think I last posted like a week so I’ll give you some highs and lows. To start chicken tender game has been strong.

I don’t eat meat at home and burgers/red meat still grosses me out. That leaves salad and chicken tenders and I am equally happy with both! However this week’s tender game was particularly strong. I had one really good salad too and the rest were decent.

I don’t know if this is a high or low but we backpacked 5 nights. Not in a row but more than I expected to be able to emotionally handle. We’ve seen a lot of Continental Divide Hikers or CO trail hikers and I always get guilty when I want a shower after 5 hours and they get one after 5 weeks. Out of the four of us overall I surprisingly physically (and emotionally?) held it together the most. There were wasp stings, broken ankles, and legs deattaching from bodies. I got one sting but it wasn’t that bad.

My dad and I were tent buddies all of thos nights and we had a pretty good tent routine. I would beat my dad at every game of monopoly deal while we listened to Folklore or other similar music. Then we would emerge from the tents. I would pretend to eat a protein packed dinner but end up with some reeses pieces and a granola bar and we would watch schitts creek and go to bed. A lifestyle that I don’t understand how people do for MONTHS on end. I’m actually bored of winning every game.

While we are hiking I’ve been getting sick of my own thoughts a lot latel so I’ve started to make up recipes in my head and I’m so excited to cook when we get home. if you want me to make u food I happily will. Ok now I’m rambling and sore I’ll try to update you more often. Only 12 more nights until I get to sleep with bub-bub in my bed and see my friends!

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  1. Strong tenders game and master at monopoly deal – no wonder you were the strongest mentally and physically. I Can. Not. Wait. to have one of your newly created meals! Btw, my friend Paula reads all of the blog posts – you have lots of followers!

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