The day my parents got married and hey Grandma can you got me a baby goat?🐐

Today my parents got married. When we got up this morning my dad was walking in the room with warm donuts. Perfect. Then we had breakfast in bed then got dressed for canoeing. We waited in line forever and finally got on the boat. We saw duck, fish, and birds. My dad was in the back of our boat and I had so much fun in the front. Somehow Zoe and my mom managed to soak themseves and me and my dad stayed dry as a bone. Then we started our 1.5 hour drive to the other side of the park. When we got there we went to the ranger station and asked about the hike that we were planning on doing. We were planning on summitting a mountain and were told that we would not be able to because there was a lightning storm on the way. Which never happened. So we did a different hike that took us to Hidden Lake that was still beautiful. We also saw a ton of mountain goat that were so so so so so so so so so so so so cute. Then we went back to the car for the second hike. At the second hike we went to a waterfall then down a creek. Then we went to the hotel and took showers before heading down to chill in the great room. Happy the day you got married to my parents.

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