Going to Canada

This morning we woke up at seven on the beach. The waves sounded so good last night to fall asleep.

We hiked back two minutes faster than we hiked in. We tossed everything into the trunk and headed to the laundromat. While we were there we cleaned out everything and dried out all of our tents and everything that got wet.

For lunch we got burgers. I had chicken which was fine. We ate in the car so we would make it in time for our ferry.

The ferry was very scary and I was worried that the car would fall off. We got popcorn though that was good.

The scariest part of today though was going through customs. I don’t know why but I get scared at all Police and I’m worried that we will get in trouble anything we didn’t do anything wrong.

We made it over the border and headed out to find some poutine. We had that as an appetizer than I had some pasta with cheese sauce and peas it was really good.

We ended the night by sitting by the fire catching up on the book, and playing ping pong.

One thought on “Going to Canada

  1. Todd also gets very nervous at the border! You’ll have to ask him to tell you about the time they emptied and searched our entire car! He was freaking out!! Have fun!

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