The day I hiked

I know you are thinking but Ellie you hike Every day. But It has been like a week since we have hiked. So that should help you understand my title. Also you might be curious what I mean when in yesterday’s post I said Tequilla beat my mom up. What happened was when my moms school sold Taffy apples she got some and as she was leaving school a girl named Tequilla tried to take the apples. The story ends with a teacher breaking it up but that is boring so how I describe what my mom told me is that all of the sudden a hoverboard came and my mom got on and flew off happily ever after. Anyway on with the day. Today we got up and left for a two hour drive to Mt St Helens. When we got to the visitor center at 9:00 my mom expressed how badly she had to pee so we went only to see that it opens at 10:00 so we went back to the car to got our shoes on and wait for it to open after my mom used the bathroom. We hit the trail. We were doing a trail were we got to decide how much we wanted to hike. On our way down the canyon it was super steep. We went to the bottom. We saw a few lakes and some water falls that were on the volcano. We saw a caterpillar that was getting eaten by ants. The hike up was hard and steep. It was pretty gradual but at some points it was very steep. I am very proud to say that we only took a few breaks the whole way up. We ended up doing 10 miles. After the hike we had star crunch while driving to Mt. Rainier. Here is your riddle: I grow by the inch and die by the foot. What am I?

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  1. I didn’t see your answer or winners for “I can be a liquid or solid and I will melt in your mouth. What am I?” Thank you for providing that info in a future post!

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